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5 Tishrei 5783

Ukraine's accelerated application for accession to NATO.

UK's response to annexation.

Biden responds to annexation.

Donetsk and Lugansk people's republics and Zaporozhye and Kherson regions sign treaties to join Russia.

3 Tishrei 5783

Referenda results.

27 Elul 5782

North Atlantic Council condemns referenda.

25 Elul 5782

Putin could use nuclear weapons.

Putin supports referenda to join Russia.

Divide and conquer Russia.

Putin orders partial mobilisation.

24 Elul 5782

US will never recognise Russian annexations.

Putin's economic blackmail will not succeed.

Zaporozhye region to hold referendum on joining Russia.

Kherson region to hold referendum on joining Russia.

DPR and LPR to hold referenda on joining Russia.

19 Elul 5782

China has questions about Ukraine.

Will Russia cut off the gas supply to Ukraine?

Zelenskyy accuses Russia of genocide.

Front line in Ukraine has moved 110 kilometers.

History is written by people, never by savages.

18 Elul 5782

Zelenskyy wants to retake Crimea.

15 Elul 5782

King Charles III accedes the throne.

13 Elul 5782

Putin's condolences.

The Queen is dead.

11 Elul 5782

Western officials have triggered a global inflation.

The decline of the dollar.

European companies in decline.

Western rules based order.

Forcing the Western mode of behaviour on other countries.

10 Elul 5782

Liz Truss becomes British Prime Minister.

9 Elul 5782

Liz Truss wins Conservative leadership race.

3 Elul 5782

Local populations supporting Russian liberators.

Russia working to eliminate sabotage groups.

2 Elul 5782

On the Path to a Multipolar World.

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