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Western rules based order.

On Wednesday 11 Elul 5782 Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed the Eastern Economic Forum plenary session and said "the Western countries are seeking to preserve yesterday's world order that benefits them and force everyone to live according to the infamous 'rules', which they concocted themselves. They are also the ones who regularly violate these rules, changing them to suit their agenda depending on how things are going at any given moment. At the same time, other countries have not been forthcoming when it comes to subjecting themselves to this dictate and arbitrary rule, forcing the Western elites, to put it bluntly, to lose grip and take short-sighted, irrational decisions on global security, politics, as well as economics. All these decisions run counter to the interests of countries and their people, including, by the way, the people in those Western countries. The gap separating the Western elites from their own citizens is widening.".

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The 7 Noahide laws.